I'm in the battle of my life,
If you can help in any way, please get in touch with me.

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What can you say?

It would seem that everyone wants to write to me and insist I never write back to them. That's a great way to communicate. I'll simply respond to their emails here. I wouldn't want to upset them... perhaps they might return the favor?

The remarkable thing is I always thought the reason for the silence from everyone was because they were afraid of exposing a clue to the truth and seeing her go to jail.  I hadn't really expected to find out that they are apparently more than indirectly involved. 

An email From Kate Schaeffer  
April 13, 2008  

Hi Joanne and Brian,

Are either of you concerned that he might just snap and take himself and/or Sonya and the boys out? 

Kate?  Why are you trying to scare my sons with this type of talk?  It is just cruel to imply the very idea.  I imagine that Sonya and her lawyer must be concerned that I haven't threatened anyone, so I keep hearing things like this. There is no need for threats, the TRUTH frightens them much more.
If I don't hear from either of you by the end of business on 4/14, than I will forward his horrible email (dated 4/11) and his website to every single detective, social services officer and police officer in the county.   I will "market" this piece to every person who may just find it as creepy as everyone he sent it to (more than 50 people - including Sonya's co-workers and the entire executive management team)  I will also send it to Montgomery county emergency services.  You can find the listings at www.montcopa.org. Many already will have first hand knowledge of the situation.

I am focusing on Computing, Legal, Telecom, Banking and Security sectors.
He recently told his former neighbors that he may kill himself after the support hearing next week. He recently called one of Brenni's teachers and she was so shook up that she called the administrators at the school and they called the local authorities.  His website (Homepage, fibs/lies, 4th paragraph) says that he will commit suicide when he can make it look like a homicide.  HE NEEDS YOUR HELP ----- YOU ARE HIS FAMILY! Where do you get your information?  You must be referring to the conversation with Jim McCarthy.  The one where we stood on his porch for a half hour or so.  Mary McCarthy was so afraid of revealing the TRUTH about who is behind everything, she wouldn't even come to the door to say 'hello'.  Don't let the paragraph that says nothing of the kind stop you from misquoting me.
He's screaming for help and YOU NEED TO HELP HIM.  He's writing a play and he's the lead character.  You must stop this stuff.  He's telling the world that he is going to hurt himself!   I don't watch TV, but I know he does and he's imitating the junk on those sensational news programs.  Don't discount his threats, please. You really need to help him.  He's tellling everyone that he will hurt himself.  You are his only hope. Why is it that it's the people who don't watch TV are the first ones to tell the people who do what's on television?  You're sticking with this 'someone's gonna get hurt' theme.  I sure as hell can't count on friends like you to help, huh?
I can only imagine how this must be dividing your family.  If he hurts someone or himself, that will surely be more than any family, even yours, could ever survive.  Please do something.  Certainly, your Mom would die if anyone were to get hurt.  Please don't let this happen to her! Please help him. He's begging for YOUR help.  HE'S YOUR FAMILY!  DO SOMETHING! Thank you for the concern about my mother.  How hurt do you think she is by the complete disappearance of her grandchildren?  How do you think she feels when on Easter Sunday morning she's told that my house was robbed and ransacked.    How hurt do you think she is when she hears Colin screaming that she'll burn in hell for supporting me?    Perhaps there would be fewer victims to worry about IF YOU TOLD THOSE BEHIND EVERYTHING TO STOP IT.
Art lost two cousins to suicide and they both talked about it before it happened.  NO ONE TOOK THEM SERIOUSLY!  This is textbook and its happening to your brother.  He really needs your help.  You are seriously hung up on the suicide thing.  If this is textbook, then why hasn't Art returned the call I placed to him months ago.  And you haven't called either.  Of course not, because every single communication reveals involvement and motivation.
Please let me know that you DON"T think he's screaming for attention and help.  Again, if I don't hear from you I will share his latest threats with anyone who may be able to help. The planners didn't anticipate needing an exit strategy for themselves or their accomplices.  A serious flaw that I realized in late August 2007.  Why not have everyone tell the truth, take responsibility for their poor judgement and resume their lives.
It's now officially on your shoulders.  Please respond by the end of business tomorrow (4/14) and for everyone on this email.....please pray for Sonya, Ter and the boys! The mantle of responsibility wasn't yours to assign.  But perhaps that way you can feel that you did your part - and we'll just ignore that you were involved from the beginning. You lied to my face for months while I was working my ass off to help you start your business.   Sorry but your note doesn't absolve you of your responsibility.



An Email From Meg Weideman:
April 12, 2008   12:00 AM  
Hi Terance---It's Meg  
You've had your time reacting to everything that's been going on and now it's my turn so keep reading because we have indulged you long enough. Meg, what are you talking about? Indulged???  We haven't spoken since last June? I haven't contacted Ed since August 8, 2007.  BTW, he never returned that call.
Over a year ago when we learned that you and Sonya were having difficulty we were very sad. So you had a few months head start  knowing I was getting divorced, eh?  You never mentioned it.  I was sad too, but for me it will be a year at the end of May.  Hmmm? I kind of suspected you knew before I did.
We hoped that everything would turn out amicable but I guess you have decided not to let that happen. You are confused with who's divorce this is.  It's all Sonya.  I'm on defense.
I gotta tell you that since the beginning of this mess the only one that has made my family feel like this is a battle is you. Meg, We haven't even communicated since June.  What would make you feel as if I was putting YOU in the battle?
The last time we spent time together you did nothing but corner us trying to validate your "side of the story". We did not need to feel like we were part of the battle. We did not need to feel like we had to choose sides.  Not so Meg.  When I left McCarthy's party that night in June, you whispered in my ear as we said good night that you were NOT going to take sides.  I thought it was a really awesome thing for you to say.  And I really needed to hear it then.  But it turned out differently.
We actually did not even care why things had to change- for whatever reason your family was no longer working.  It happens. You didn't care?  Maybe YOU didn't, but...  DID YOU SEE YOUR HUSBAND AND YOUR DAUGHTER ROBBING MY HOME ON EASTER?
Terance if nothing else comes out of your relationship with Sonya---you will always owe each other two beautiful sons. You will always be able to say that you have two sons but Sonya will be able to say that she has two best friends My sons will always be my sons.  No matter how good a relationship - they'll always be my sons first.  And with friends like you and Ed... I'm not so sure I need friends as much as family.
Stop making people choose-it's not a competition--it just is Making you choose???  Meg, you made you choice before I even knew there was a choice to be made.
Please delete us from your email list and do not continue to include my daughter in your correspondences. One email in 9 months and you seem upset?  And if Emily can handle robbing my home, well, she can handle one email herself.
Enough is enough Couldn't agree with you more!  But why are YOU saying it to me?  I didn't involve you at all.  I haven't had you do anything of questionable legality for me.  Tell your 'friends' you've had enough.
An Email From Emily Weideman:
April 11, 2008   5:43 AM  
Any further communications from you on this e-mail address to me, my Mother, or my Brother will be forwarded to the Montgomery Township Police Department and result in prosecution for harassment by communication.  If you wish to contact us, feel free to e-mail my Father at weideman13@aol.com directly.
Prosecution for harassment by communication?
The Montgomery Township Police Department is already looking into some Harassment by Robbery with a side of Betrayal with Breaking and Entering that happened at Easter.  I'm just not good at keeping secrets I guess... my bad. 
If you aren't proud of your involvement in a crime, perhaps you should have simply NOT HELPED BURGULARIZE MY HOME!
Please accept my apology.  I'm sorry that YOU ROBBED MY HOUSE!
Oh, and please don't threaten me again.  It's rude to threaten the victim.
A few Emails from Kathy Shoop  
April 11, 2008   5:21 PM  
I just responded to you after i got this now I called Donna and I wonder if Terrance created an account....PLEASE help me understand...no worry i just responded...i don't understand....IS he nuts? Kathy Nope, Kathy.  The account has existed for years. Sonya committed fraud when she signed a document accusing me of closing her email account.  The TRUTH is not important to her or her attorney.  They are more interested in antagonizing everyone involved in the legal proceedings to the point of exasperation. 
I am not responding to Terrance at all. I am sorry you have to experience this and your kids as well. We will keep praying for you but realize he seriously made himself appear disturbed. Kathy
Let me get this straight.  I appear disturbed because I informed you that
a - Sonya has prevented me from seeing my sons
b - Sonya robbed my house on Easter
c - Sonya has harassed me for over 15 months
d - All Of the Above (and then some)