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  • It's all starting
    January 2007 through May 2007

    I have been left with no choice but to handle everything myself since February 2007 when I first noticed a virus on my computer which was sending data out from my computer. I had reinstalled McAfee Security, checked files, traced files, and watched the behavior of this unstoppable virus for months. It had shut down my clients web store fronts. As the risk of exposing customers credit card information was too great, I had no choice but to suspend the storefronts. I had been doing alot of reorganizing of picture and video files in addition to setting up a new storefront for my wife and her business partner to launch their new startup business. the work became harder each day as the traffic from the router was constant and for some reason I was being blocked daily from my hosting servers because of the volume of traffic from my IP address. Everyday I was complaining to Notrio hosting that they had a problem and were really slowing me down. Every night I was running virus scans and usually doing a full reinstall of the program because the updates seemed to fail if I didn't do a full reinstall.

    I was working a more than full time 7 day a week contracting job; expanding my business; creating the web site for a new celebrity client; expanding another client's web sites to include new publications, a shared web intranet library and a new marketable memo application; developing the internet storefront for my wife's her new business and teaching her and her partner how to operate and maintain the storefront once it was launched. In spare time attending marriage therapy, often at 9PM or 9:30PM where was accused of the most crazy things, insulted and deprecated beyond belief. I was vindicated only when the therapist indicated that my wife was being more of a friend to the children than a parent, and I was handling the parenting roles as both the 'nurturer', 'provider', to our two children. Additionally, I had been taking care of my wife's aging parents who had moved in down the street, and taking care of my mother as she was recovering from a stroke a year prior.

    I was very busy. All the time. And just rolling through everything that had to be done, my only complaint was that no one seemed to appreciate or understand everything I was doing. So as I was doing my younger sons banking one day in May 2007, in responding to a question concerning my sons ATM card the teller casually indicated my wife had bank accounts that I was unaware of. I took 2 days to make sure I knew what I was seeing and reading before I responded by moving the money to an account that she could see but not touch. I wasn't trying to conceal anything I was doing and was concerned that it might appear otherwise. I sent an email to my sister indicating that something was peculiar and I wanted to make sure a third party knew my intentions in moving the money.

  • She is discovered
    May 2007

    When my wife realized she had been discovered. In front of our youngest son she attempted to turn the tables and accused me of cleaning out our bank account. An hour before, I had transferred $200 back into the account so that she wouldn't be embarrassed at a store checkout counter as she discovered I was aware that something was amiss. I regret these moments of compassion. She did 2007not deserve them. I can only say that it is the way I am. It takes alot of provocation for me to set aside my compassion for anyone.

    When I responded that I had moved the bulk of our remaining money because I found out she had been planning a divorce, she lied and said she had met with a lawyer just the previous week. A lie because she had met her in January and was already proofreading the divorce papers. I do not jump to conclusions without some collateral backup and reason.

    When I indicated to her that I had also found the bank accounts in her name, she lied again and said her lawyer suggested she do that and she had opened them in the last few weeks. LIES - The accounts had been opened and closed and moved several times since January. She left the room and was upset at being found out. After about a half hour or 45 minutes, I was in the basement with my son when I suggested he go up and check on her... That she was probably feeling very alone... and he should go up and just be there for her. This wasn't about him and he needed to keep it in mind that we're both still his parents and here for him. When I think about suggesting and encouraging my son to do this, I feel like a fool. He didn't really want to do it. I told him to do it. It might have been the last time I used my parental rights as his father. Her actions never in any way reciprocated mine that night. Her actions could not be any more opposite and self serving.

    When she obviously didn't realize how much I knew about her secret activities she boldly proclaimed that I didn't know anything. I reminded her that I knew her mother's maiden name and her pet's name. We've been married 20 years it should not be surprising that we would know the answers to each others security questions. She also wrote everything in her Day-Timer. There was a history of passwords dating back 5-10 years. The day timer was an identity thief's wishbook.

  • Denial
    May 2007 through July 2007

    For months the network had been plagued by a virus which seemed to be spreading from Brennan's computer. As I had information about the files behavior because of trying to remove it, when it dawned on me it could be spyware it appeared to be WebWatcher - which is advertised as a tool to spy on your spouse.

    She personally witnessed the troubles that the software caused everyday as the time wasted chasing the problem grew and grew. The volumes of work I was doing and as I was organizing thousands of files from previous hard disks from older computers onto this new more powerful machine meant there was quite alot of data to transmit out to the surveillance viewer web site.

    When it dawned on me that the 'virus' could be spyware I had enough information from investigating the virus the last few months to recognize from the marketing information provided about WebWatcher as the likely program. I was still no realizing what all of those capabilities meant in practice. The amount of redirection, confusion, blocking and obfuscation made simple by this program is overwhelming. You can't help but forget that what you see is NOT what you get.

  • Illusions of Security
    July 2007

    Computer security icons are comparative to airport security. It feels good to know they are in place, but if someone is determined enough to make something happen they'll find the loopholes. Think about a metal detector that still gets the updates for all the types of metal and lists the types they detect, they just don't use that list to detect them anymore. WebWatcher first neutralizes your security software while allowing it to continue to download updates which it simply doesn't use. It then hides it's own files among your security program files, because the likelihood of your deleting the files which are protecting you is not very likely. The software is remarkable and can adjust to hide among a variety of security programs, or if they aren't available they will hide among Microsoft office programs. Other hiding options are Adobe and Java file directories. Because all of these hiding places have something in common. They all phone home to their software companies for updates regularly. So if you catch one running - it's probably just an update - nothing to concern yourself with because the icons say you are protected. One other thing, just try to confirm the correct file names and file sizes and versions of any program on your computer. Year ago it was published and available as common practice. Now it is near impossible. If you are already infected they can redirect you to a page which confirms the wrong information for files you have installed. And even if you contact their tech support desk, you may notice that it's a "you tell me what it is first and I'll confirm it" game with them. Give them bad info and switch it after they confirm it and let their explanation show the reliability of your security .

    When I contacted the software company, ATI denied it (because their program would be exposed and they thought I'd never find it)

    When asked if she installed the spyware she denied it (because it would have been an illegal installation.)

    When the software was proven to be on the machines, ATI denied it angrily (because they would have some liability after denying it) within hours of typing my a letter to my attorney, Brennan changed his plans for the week and left that night. (Keyword Alert Feature of the software) Brennan immediately began refusing to return my calls and pages, no explanation offered.

  • Unsafe? How'd she know what was going to happen next?
    July 2007

    After Brennan was refusing to communicate and staying away for 3 weeks, Sonya indicated it wasn't safe at the home but offered no explanation as to what this was based on.  The thing is that strange things began to happen around the house.  Web sites if revenge toys and activities in the middle of the night which can all be corroborated.

  • Alert the authorities
    July 2007

    I contact police about the illegal software. They arrive and while they note the call, they don't file a report or investigate as there is apparently nothing they can do. Five minutes to take the report, then Officer Gerry Dougherty leaves.  They never report anything back to me about it.

    I contact the FBI to let them know there is something on my computers and while I do believe it has been installed by my wife because of the timing of events and the data available, if she is telling the truth then an outsider is keeping my internet storefronts closed because I have been unable to stop the streaming of data out of the machine to servers. The FBI indicates it is a domestic issue and does nothing. It is now occupying all of my time because I have been stuck investigating as there is no help for this problem from any of the anti-spy/anti-virus programs which do not detect or prevent this specific program. THERE HAS YET TO BE ANYONE TO SAY IT IS NOT ON MY COMPUTERS. THERE HAS YET TO BE ANYONE TO SO MUCH AS LOOK AT THE COMPUTERS. I start to play around with the computer doing things that I am sure Sonya will find too irresistible to not bring up in a courtroom and reveal her responsibility.

    Oddly Sonya's prediction was correct as a variety of strange things began happening at the house which would definitely have made him feel unsafe at the house. But how did she know ahead of time?

  • Attempt to maintain my business
    July 2007

    I purchase a laptop for the purpose of trying to get back in business on a secure machine. I watch as the laptop gets hacked via email and store the files associated. As Sonya is still denying it, I again contact the FBI as it isn't a domestic issue - I've got proof that I have been illegally hacked by stealth software. Again, they do nothing to investigate. My business is falling apart, my children are missing, the money is running out and no one is helping to resolve any issues. Additionally I realize that the redirection the software offers provides a complete explanation as to why I never get an explanation or answer to any question I ask in chat sessions or email.

    It had been weeks since I had seen or heard from Brennan but the more I tried to get in touch with him, the harder it became. No explanation offered.

    When I filed for a preliminary custody meeting. I still have no clue at this point that her intentions are to make sure I never see my son again.

  • For God's sake... What's with these FBI and CIA files?
    July / August 2007

    When I get the new recovery disks for the laptop, they have the initials FBI and CIA all over the files. Wondering what was going on, I contact the FBI and ask if I am under investigation? They indicate I am not. I explain, that I am trying to get around this software program, and if it is the government who is looking at me for any reason I don't want it to appear to them that I am intentionally trying to hide something from them, but if it isn't I need to get to the bottom of the data streaming out of the machine as I need to get the storefronts open. It's not like I am trying to expose a government investigation, I'm simply trying to secure my equipment as it's been fucked up since February... and apparently this software was installed starting in February and repeatedly over March, April and May with the dates likely corresponding to my reinstalls of anti virus programs.

    Whatever happened to Debra Bob from Hewlett Packard?  She was friendly and sincerely concerned.  Somehow her package to me was hi-jacked.

  • This can't really get more insane... that's what you think...
    August 8, 2007

    I get annoyed and type a message on an older computer regarding having to rebuild again. Yes, I knew the message could be misinterpreted. The police arrive within 40 minutes. Now apparently they have 2 hours to discuss the stress I am under from all of the above... caused by all of the above... And to make things worse, he takes me away and has me locked up for making threats??? We are 6 months into this, my family has disappeared and are not communicating, the money is gone, my business is in the toilet, and NO ONE IS FUCKING INVESTIGATING... Yes, DUMBASS I AM UNDER FUCKING STRESS. AND YOU KNOW WHATS CAUSING IT ALL. So why do you only make it worse.

    There has yet to be anyone to look at the computer files and the evidence. No one is refuting any of my statements about proof. No one is looking at any files or paperwork. No one is investigating. Yet THE SAME OFFICER WHO TOOK THE REPORT OF THE CRIME fucking showed up 40 minutes after I type a message, never save it, never mail it, and it is on a machine that isn't even plugged in to the web and it doesn't have any network card installed.

    This isn't my imagination, and it's Officer Gerry Dougherty, who has known me since high school, who also knows last time I saw him I had spent the night covered in piss and vomit trying to rescue a girl who was practically dead at an underage drinking party at my neighbors house. On that night police believed that I waited to call an ambulance so that the little drinkers next door could escape, when the 911 operator sent the ambulance to Quakertown by mistake.

    Gerry knows the truth about what is going on because he has the printout of the screenshot (which he doesn't show me because I would know he had no way of having it unless he knew who was behind everything????). He shows it to my brother, who thought I had provided it... And when my brother finds out I didn't provide it and he returns to the Police Station, he is told he didn't see the picture he described clearly to me over the phone. WHAT THE FUCK????

    It gets even worse, because after an overnight series of messages are left for the Director of MCES by friends and family I am released only to be told the police report isn't available and will never be available.  It's an open case, and as long as Chief Brady can make sure, I will never find out what is going on.   WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO THINK?   No longer imagining that this is being covered up.  AND they are additional witnesses to the criminal activities.

  • Abuse the victim.
    August 2007

    How much more fucking emotional abuse am I supposed to take? That gets answered in a Custody Mediation meeting where I am berated for an hour and accused of a variety of things without any basis. And Sonya suggests that I get no visitation unless it is supervised but doesn't explain why. Nothing happens, and we have to move on to a Custody Conference which won't occur until October. And I still don't get to see my son who is being left alone in a barn all day when his home ands his room is empty?

  • EMERGENCY!!!   Prove her perjury or get evicted... or bargain at $200/hour for what's in the box.
    August 2007

    Next she tries to have me evicted from the house using an emergency petition which has nasty characterizations which again are unfounded, and loaded with lies. I must prove that she has lied to my lawyer which takes time and running around to banks and my lawyer files the reply. Totally prepared she has the emergency hearing over the phone and the emergency basis is denied. This puts the actual hearing off until September. BUT, as she needs to retaliate, she goes to the post office and files a forwarding order for his mail, and goes to the police to request an escort to the house which she has had no problem coming to without an escort?

    It had been arranged that it would be coordinated with the lawyers when they would come for items from the house, and that Sonya would additionally provide a list of items. She tells police that she needs to get her items. They call, and I confirm with them that it was agreed that it would be pre-arranged. I would prefer it not be right then and there. The police arrive anyway. Please realize that the last time the police were inside my home they caused me to be involuntarily committed and have yet to explain their actions. I am completely intimidated by them, especially when they were just told that she is violating the agreement between our attorneys. I let the police in to discuss the issue face to face. They immediately turn and open the door to Sonya. When she is asked for the list she doesn't have it. The boys come in and clean out their clothes into garbage bags. She complains that she needs into the safe and I have to open it because she can't figure it out. Meanwhile, there is a mad grab going on with no one keeping track of anything and assets were not to be touched according to the order that morning. Both boys are being put in the middle of this by her and responding as if I am doing something to them. After 30 minutes the police come to realize they've been had. On the way out the door, Sonya pulls out a list from her pocket - because if she had provided it upfront, then she would have only been able to grab the list. This is the first time I have seen Brennan in months and he can't speak. My heart is breaking at what is going on with him. Everything I do is misinterpreted. I'm told that a message as simple as a dinner invitation is a threat.


  • Hinder... sounds like a much friendlier way of saying destroy
    September 2007

    Next Sonya calls for a Child support meeting. It doesn't make sense? We haven't decided the custody issues yet. My lawyers had told me not to think about going for it because it would waste time and money and I would spend more on legal and court costs than I would get from child support. And we would be splitting time with Brennan 50/50 so it wasn't going to be an issue. The computers died completely that week, I can't get any data at all. Any hard copies of financial documents aren't around, Sonya had 5 months to plan before all this started. So they tell the person at the meeting that I make a ridiculously high amount - while Sonya is laughing that I made $3000 last year. They assign support at $390 a week. To an unemployed man? Who is out of money and borrowing from his mother to keep things together. What is the point of this? Why is she trying to humiliate me further by giving me the deadbeat dad title? AND I still haven't spent any time with Brennan. but it's worse... I just didn't know yet. Her purpose as she explained that night was to hinder me financially. Yes, I discover Child Support does that one thing very well. I appeal immediately.

    child Support is one of those systems designed to take care of the people who need it. To see it manipulated as a tool to hinder me financially is not only an abuse, but a real sign of disrespect to the people who need it and are trying to get it from spouses who have money and won't provide for their kids. I am unemployed. I have to pay the full mortgage ($2500) ever month. My credit rating goes down as it is immediately reported to credit agencies when you do not pay - even while under appeal. That negative credit rating will prevent me from being able to qualify for a mortgage to buy the house at the end of the divorce. If I were to get any job that doesn't allow for that full child support payment, it would be viewed that I was doing it intentionally to avoid child support and I would be charged with contempt of court and face fines and jail time. Any employer would get paperwork and aggravation enough to likely lose me the job anyway. And considering all of my clients are gone but 1, and they left because of the network intrusion, they won't be very good references. And it isn't very likely that any organization will hire me at a reasonable salary when I couldn't prevent my own home computers being infected - and you can't fill out most web forms to submit your information anyway. There's also the chance that you could be sending them this 'virus' when you send them your resume via email. And you know that nothing gets rid of the 'virus'.

    Yes, Child Support will definitely hinder me financially. And what is the point when her lawyer surely knows it will be appealed. So she will get more billable hours. My lawyers were right - it's not going to cover more than her court costs except it will HINDER ME FINANCIALLY. So it isn't about her getting money for Brennan as much as it is destroying my credit and career.

    You can't very well say that their intentions are not clear, or that they wouldn't go down the nasty course you suspect. because look what has been done to you so far. If I had money I wouldn't hesitate to support my kids. I'm doing my best to keep the house so they have a home - because there is some very strange illegal activity going on and someone is responsible for it. When they get caught I don't want to be left homeless with no credit on the street with the kids. There is no do-over. this is all real permanent damage that is going on.

    Adding to the mix is the reason many fathers use for not paying. OK, It's no excuse but they don't get to see their kids. For me to say that in a court will be met by a very direct statement - you are his father you should support him. I do not disagree with that at all... but why have I been denied any access to him for months??? What happened to my relationship with my son? Why is a father's value suddenly reduced to a support check?

    My lawyer resigns because my bill is already at $11000 for a divorce which was expected to be less than $5000. The firms partners realize she would not be helping me much as her bill would create a huge financial burden at this rate.

  • No Answers... Survived this long?  Have some more questions you crazy bastard
    September 2007

    HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL AT THIS POINT? There is not one person providing the fucking answer to any question. Call me crazy... NO. You are wrong. The situation is crazy, the person is sane. He's been beaten horribly for no reason. Yea, he should be crazy... his limits have been tested beyond belief. And he still hasn't cracked. Everywhere he turns for help he gets more questions. He doesn't need psychological help. He needs to know who has this so well planned that his existence is being destroyed before everyone's eyes. And no one cares. All I worry about is what is happening to my kids and I am accused of the most horrible things by everyone who seems to think I have some sort of control of this process. I don't. Only 1 person is in control. She started it... but I think she has definitely lost control... or she has delegated it... but she continues to lie to everyone.

    Exactly how is a person supposed to be psychologically at this point in the process????

    Under attack, both visibly and through stealth methods.

    The tools of the attack are revealed one after the other.

    Yet the cowards attacking him are doing it invisibly. And when he detects another of their tactics, he goes right to them to ask what is going on and they call him crazy. I feel more sane every time someone calls me crazy. Because that has been the one word I have heard every single time I broke through another mystery. And yes, the situation is crazy - but real. And I don't even know where I find the strength to persevere. The emotions are high, but controllable unless the topic is the kids. Then the hopelessness that I feel is overwhelming because I pray they aren't going through the hell I am going through. Why would their mother want to put their father through this? A crazy as that sounds, what other explanation could there be... it's what she planned for 5 months while she lied and hid money.

  • RANT ! ! ! ! ! !
    RANTS are streaming thoughts which will likely contain language that some adults might even find difficult. The rants even include language that I wouldn't use myself. They are honest, untamed emotions.

    We're only at September...

    We haven't even gotten to the crazy out of his mind mother fucker at the FBI that went completely ape-shit on me. What the fuck do people expect??? At least I am upfront with folks. I wish to GOD I was making this up... BUT it is absolutely fucking incredible that still after all of these months there has not been one person to investigate the misuse of this program which is fully documented and doing everything it says it can do. Every time I come up with the explanation to the strange things that were happening they stop. OK, I'm not supposed to detect these thing. BUT ITS BEEN 12 MONTHS!!!!!!!! And I am not retarded. I am a problem solver - its what I do. So why the hell is everyone seeming to cover for everyone else???? What could possibly explain it? Could it be that somewhere along the road the baton was passed. And the Federal Government sees me as taunting them when I am trying to get to the root of a problem which started months before they were called in to investigate me? Because they were tipped off by the person who started it in an attempt to cover up their illegal activity because they knew the feds would use similar tools. And just for giggles imagine how annoyed they will be as I generate so much effort requirements on their part to maintain the smoke screen - when I have had no choice but to do the whole campaign myself. And it hasn't been easy. But would someone get a fucking clue about what is going on here.... Perhaps I am not the only one being manipulated. Because Ken, why the fuck would it be unreasonable to ask about Rose? She could have called me back and explained. She didn't which created ANOTHER question. And that single issue question was your jurisdiction. And considering the FBI had not done its fucking job to even remotely try to investigate this mess, and all the people on the phones have different mis-information I was getting. Well FUCK YOU if you didn't want to answer the question. It's not my fucking fault the question ever got raised. WHAT THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOSED TO THINK OR DO? I"LL TELL YOU THIS THOUGH, just like when I was wrongly locked up with the crazy folks... there is no more sane moments in this event than watching someone who hasn't been under nearly the pressure I have experienced. Watching them go off the wall fucking ape-shit with unreasonable intimidation and threats tells me that I am totally sane. It might be different if I were trying to provoke that response, but when it comes out of the clear blue. Yea, it scared the hell out of me... BUT IT WAS NOT MY FAULT I WAS PUT IN THAT POSITION. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. IF YOU TRY TO CONFUSE SOMEONE, YOU SHOUDL EXPECT QUESTIONS TRYING TO CLARIFY. BUT DON'T WORRY I WON'T CALL YOUR FUCKING OFFICE EVER AGAIN... because I wouldn't have any respect for anyone in it who could remotely know what I have been put through and pile it on more and more. FUCK YOU KEN. YOU ARE A JERK.

    What is the fucking point of all the torture? Do you think I am trying to cover something up? They man up and ask the question. For gods sake, it should be fairly clear after all these months. Ask a question. After all this stroking, shoot your load already because the blue balls and the chafing from the friction are making you cranky.

    Christ - I still have 4 months of this shit to go... and it isn't over... Who would believe this... Who would believe I would survive this... Why the fuck are you doing this?

    So if it all comes down to the bare principal... Just ask... nothing to find really.. but I'll tell you the truth to the question if you want to ask it. Everyone does stuff in their lives... I've never been afraid to own up to my mistakes. I proudly admit my mistakes... it's how you learn...

    So if you are really reading this - fine. Sorry I made you go apeshit on me. that round of laughter. Well I heard it more as comradery (sp?) Because I can see that it would be fucking funny as hell if someone you were working so hard to confuse landed on your doorstep... and you didn't even know his face... or name when he got there... and you had worked so hard to fuck up his life... and he was fucking up your life and was clueless... because you wanted it that way.

    And if it isn't you reading this... well someone has more power than they know what to do with if all they can think to do with it is to beat up me, and my family. And if it was that fucking cunt lawyer that planned and execute this whole thing... lock her the fuck up, but call me... I want to watch her brought to justice for what she did to my family - and probably others... because I am sure there have been men who didn't have the heroes I have got supporting me. Without them, I would be gone and the story dismissed as he went crazy when his wife left him... and I bet that's how the story was planned.