4/10/2008 Emergency Petition for Relief

The Chrysler Sebring I drive is currently titled in Sonya's name.  The Chevrolet Malibu that Colin drives is titled in my name.  The only remaining items left to be resolved in the divorce was getting the cars titled accurately, and completing the paperwork where Sonya would keep her entire pension and I would keep the house.  In the last two months, Sonya has begun to work backwards by refusing to cooperate with re-titling the vehicles accurately, and she planning and executing a robbery of my home removing anything of value that she could fit into the moving trucks and cars her team of about 12 had with them.  A contempt petition has already been filed with the court and is to be heard in May.

 Sonya refused to transfer the car titles in February when we spoke. She was pre-occupied with causing Identity Theft at the time. She also seemed to think that possession of the title document made the car hers. She took the title for the Malibu from the house.  When she was speaking to me on February 9, 2007, she was revealing too much information about the Identity Theft issue, so she didn't take calls after that.

In March as the insurance bill was coming due, I contacted both her and Colin who was driving the car and asked that they (1) pay the insurance bill for the car (as I was doing for the Sebring titled in Sonya's name), or (2) transfer the title for the cars, or (3) park the car here. 

Sonya opted to have Colin take the car to State College and not bring it back.  I indicated that I would report the car stolen should they not do one of the above options.  They didn't respond, except to taunt me to call the police.

When I called the Montgomery Township Police to report the vehicle as stolen and explained the situation that necessitated contacting them, they refused to take the report of the stolen vehicle and indicated it was a civil matter and they preferred to not get involved.

I had no choice but to pay the insurance, because the car is titled in my name and I would be held financially responsible for the vehicle should it be involved in any type of mishap.  (There's that 'my lawyer said it would hinder you financially' theme.)

That Friday, March 21, I received a letter from Valerie Angst indicating that if I didn't transfer the titles immediately she would take me to court and seek fees and damages for her expenses.  I was to contact her client and make arrangements immediately.  The thing is that her client stopped taking any calls because on the very next day Sonya had planned to break into the house while I was out and rob me of everything that she could fit in to a moving truck, a pickup truck and several SUV's and automobiles brought by her team. (check out the Robbery page for that info)

I responded to Valerie Angst in writing regarding her client's lack of cooperation as Sonya wasn't returning calls or messages.  So of course we're going to court for this....  And she filed an EMERGENCY Request... for a situation she caused!  AND... she turned around and is now demanding YOUR CAR...  and you know that HER CAR is hiding in State College.

VALERIE ROSENBLUTH ANGST, ESQ. of Doylestown and Harleysville, PA
I'm sure you are too proud to display your handiwork, permit me to highlight your remarkable efforts.

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  • Emergency Family Court Cover Sheet for the Petition.
  • Valerie Angst is indicating that she doesn't know my phone number.
  • Valerie Angst had used the unknown phone number at a cancelled hearing before. 
  • I recall writing her a letter and including my contact information.
  • As a matter of fact, LOOK!!!  she even included that very same letter as her Exhibit B.
  • It's not her fault because she apparently never read the letter she misquotes it multiple times.

    What does Valerie Angst hope to gain with this type of omission?

  • Well Valerie Angst filed that it was an EMERGENCY, and if the Judge rules that it is indeed an emergency, he has no way of contacting me to appear at the expedited hearing.
  • So I might not hear about it in time to be prepared.
  • Or perhaps the Judge's staff has to run around to find the contact information.
  • Valerie Angst is antagonizing everyone involved.

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  • Under A.  She has now apparently switched her position with regard to the vehicles.  Instead of transferring the titles to the vehicles.   She wants possession to be transferred instead of the title.
  • She additionally prefers to be compensated directly by me because of an issue caused when her client, while taking her legal advice, refused to return my calls and also refused to cooperate to accomplish the title transfer.
  • Next, she wants the judge to order me to pay $2000, by certified check payable directly to her in the amount of $2500.  Is she then going to give me a certified check for the change due?
  • The document she has prepared for the Judge's signature is completely contrary to everything discussed or suggested at any point in time.
  • Why propose switching vehicles instead of titles as a resolution?

  • Valerie seems to spend a great deal of effort not cooperating or proceeding according to prior agreements.
  • Could it be that the Malibu she's referring to was the one I attempted to report stolen when she had advised her client to have my son take the car to State College.
  • Could it be that even if the judge orders us to exchange cars that same son will not return the car at that time either?
  • Could it be that they will return the Malibu damaged?


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  • Count I #4.  FALSE.  Valerie, your client Sonya Healy moved out of the family home in May of 2007.
  • FALSE.  The insurance premium was due on April 6, 2008.  Not March 20, 2008.
  • The insurance bill for both vehicles was paid by Terance Healy, because Sonya was refusing to cooperate with any suggested resolutions or take phone calls..
  • I am unaware of any grace period.  The insurance bill was paid.
  • There was no necessity with regard to a grace period unless perhaps you were thinking of using that deadline for another petition at that time?
  • BTW, It is required by law that any vehicle being driven in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania must be properly insured.

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  • Count I #8.  FALSE.  As we are not yet divorced, the automobile insurance is valid.
  • FALSE.  The insurance company has not informed Sonya of anything even resembling this statement.
  • Count I #10 FALSE. My letter dated March 28, 2008 (Exhibit B) clearly and directly advised Valerie in the first three  lines that her client has refused to cooperate or respond to phone calls.
  • #10 Valerie attached the letter dated March 28, 2008 which she apparently has never read.
  • #12 Defendant believes it is inappropriate and unnecessary to exchange vehicles.  But is very curious as to why you would be suggesting that at this time.
  • #12 Defendant believes it is inappropriate to antagonize the court with this petition.
  • #12 Defendant believes you are very disappointed that Defendant is not hindered financially by the legal expense of  counsel engaged to respond to your carelessly prepared petitions. 
  • Defendant apologizes that by representing himself ProSe you aren't able to  waste the skill, effort and time of a lawyer more capable than yourself to respond to this petition.
  • #13  The correlation that the exchange of vehicles unburdens Sonya from payment of insurance is flawed.  She has not made any insurance payment for either vehicle, nor has she suggested any willingness to do so.

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  • #15.  $225.00 /hour?
  • #15.  Contempt matter?  If this is a contempt filing, could you please indicate the order for which defendant has contempt. 
  • #15.  Or are you referring to the incredible contempt you are displaying for the court by not only filing this petition, but by filing it as an emergency petition and requesting the courts immediate attention to an issue which your client has ignored intentionally for over 2 months.
  • #16. If THIS document is indicative of the knowledge, reputation and experience of undersigned legal counsel in the area of matrimonial law, I suggest the court move to sanction Valerie Angst for her incomplete and carelessly prepared petition.
  • #16  I further request the court to demand immediate presentation of credentials which would indicate that Valerie Angst has been appropriately educated and has successfully passed the required examinations to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • #16. I respectfully request the honorable Judge Del Ricci, join me in filing a petition to have Valerie Angst disbarred as she has demonstrated tremendous incompetence in her chosen profession and demonstrated a callous disrespect not only for this court, and the law, and she has failed additionally to provide responsible and appropriate legal counsel to her client.  The aggressive incompetence with regard to the legal profession displayed by Valerie Angst has clearly placed her client in tremendous legal jeopardy.

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  • Sonya Healy should be asked to read aloud the legal documents she signs.
  • Sonya Healy should be asked if she knows the difference between true and correct.  Then asked, when she moved out of the marital residence. (xref Count I #5)
  • The plaintiff and her attorney should be chastised for providing false statements as her 'verified' false statements are effectively and inappropriately occupying the resources of the Montgomery County Court's at great expense to the taxpayers of the county.
  • The plaintiff and her attorney should be chastised for filing a petition which was prepared carelessly and without attention to accuracy.
  • The plaintiff and her attorney should be further chastized for filing their carelessly prepared petition as an EMERGENCY PETITION.

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