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Active Issues

Lack of Any Law Enforcement

Ever since last August when the Montgomery Township Police had me involuntarily committed based on the information provided by those responsible for the computer surveillance which destroyed my business and finances, they just don't seem inspired to do their job. 
(It would seem that there is a group of people who can do just about any illegal activity - in broad daylight - activity suspicious enough to alarm people who do not even know me - and the police smile and wave as they drive away.  )

Child Support

(It does not matter that you already believe this, it will be chanted over and over and over to distract everyone at any time the motives are questioned.  Dare to disagree or object. )

She only filed for child support because her lawyer said it would hinder me financially
(Not just your cash, deadbeat, your credit history will get hit quick, and the potential for contempt (a felony + jail time), and good luck finding a job that will pay you the money you used to make because she destroyed your business and your references all watched your business fail.  HINDER sounds so much prettier.)

Who cares if we hadn't even discussed custody yet.  She hasn't discussed anything she's done while planning this.
(Custody of the son she abducted 6 months ago.  And she prevented you from talking to him AND convinced him that he wasn't prevented and it was all his idea.)

You got the title Deadbeat Dad right away!
(Hold on to that shred of dignity not lost when she had you involuntarily committed, you can cash it in  when you go on Public Assistance and Food Stamps!)

She and her lawyer said your business earned ridiculous huge money
(Remember how she laughed and said what your business really made as she reported that other amount.  Who cares if it meant an appeal and extra hour$ for her lawyer, you're being humiliated!)

They never let you present your correct information at the court dates
(or at the next one, or the one after that, or the one after that... They can't hear you anyway because YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO SUPPORT YOUR CHILDREN.)

Her legal fees on support alone already exceed the total amount which normally would be awarded
(It's not about support, stupid! Now Squirm! Embrace your humiliation.)

The computer intrusion investigation has kept you unemployed
(And the FBI is upset because you were investigating them investigating you and you asked for their help. Get ready for that federal asylum! Smart Ass!)

You are borrowing to pay the mortgage
(Because she may end up in prison for the computer surveillance, wiretaps and revenge tactics and you'll be on the street with no money, no credit and 2 sons to support.)

You MUST pay the mortgage because of another agreement
(Ha, her lawyer said she wanted the family dog put down and then she denied it.  You WON custody!!   Remember when the FBI electrocuted the dog for hours.)

You are being prevented from seeing your son
(You saw him for 2 hours, after two months from before Thanksgiving to the end of January.  You couldn;t discuss your holidays because he wasn;t allowed to see you or talk to you.  Why would you discuss the divorce with him? No one else has.  Just because he had questions about what you were doing and why.  And just because the paperwork makes everything his fault, he isn't doing this to you.  He can't remember time with you.  Why would he save you?)

In 25 years or so... Would he deserve to experience the same situation? No, he wouldn't. And it would hurt you even more to see that happen


She abducts your son and not only gets away with it - you're a jerk because you didn't go see him
(Why would they call the police on his father?  The CUSTODY MASTER said you were supposed to act like a stalker and research his sports schedule on the school web site and show up there too!  Never mind that the District Attorney's office just gave a presentation on how child molester's were doing that exact thing.)

She berates you for 40 minutes without a single mention of your son to the Custody Master
(Please do not interrupt.  Be patient.  You will be denied your opportunity to speak later.  Sara Goren does not want to hear about your son or his living conditions.  Let your wife complain.)

There is no time to listen to your issues with regard to your son because your interrogation regarding all those wild allegations took too long.
(But what do you think the son that you haven't seen is going to tell the Master when he gets interviewed without either parent in the room.  Your son and you had spent more time discussing his clothes for the school dance last year than you would on his custody.)

Forgot to tell you... She'll be telling HUGE lies in this meeting because there's no oath, no transcript, no witnesses, no justice and no truth.
(And the guy talking about proof and the truth - well no one wants to listen to a complainer.  He got his ass kicked anyway.)

You get no visitation, because you believed your son would visit you without a court order making it mandatory - She has incredible control over him, stupid.
(It's how she kept him away from you.  But you WON that phone call which will force you to talk and complain about no visitation.  Your shredded relationship has a few weeks at most.)

It doesn't matter that you requested the custody conference and your reasons all pertain to your son.  You aren't his mother.
(Do you really think you have a chance?  We've got nothing to do unless you come back again and again.  And he's 16, this is a late start, better schedule the next few court dates quickly.)

You suggest that the agreement be changed to allow him to see you sometime.
(NO.  NO.  NO.  NO.)

She wants some paperwork from the house so she trades a few hours with your son in exchange for the paperwork.  She'll pimp him out for stuff.
(And you talked about the divorce?  Why would you do that?  All you had was 2 hours, she spent 6 months teaching him to hate you.)


Just because you called them for help and when they refused you asked if you were under investigation so that while you investigated what they wouldn't investigate it wouldn't seem like you were trying to evade their investigation and raise suspicions.  
And your 'faked' computer activity included things which she would find too tempting for her not to bring up in court and reveal herself..
(OOPS, Sorry we locked you up for that little entry on your screen.  And bankrupted your business... But your wife hired this private investigator and he told us.....?)



Which situation could possibly result in someone being locked up?

A)  Valerie Angst, Esq. sits in a busy public hallway in a Montgomery County building waiting for her turn to go into the courtroom.  The security guard informs her that there is a party on the schedule ahead of her who has not yet arrived.  Valerie states in a clear voice that she will kill the security guard if the other parties show up at the last second and get to go ahead of her.

B)  Terance Healy writes on his computer, with no network card, which is not plugged into any network or modem, in the privacy of his office, in his own home, while he is alone that his computer is going to die because of the software running on it.  He never saved the file.  He never printed the file.  He never mailed the file. 

ANSWER B   40 minutes later police arrive... for a 'courtesy call'  following up on the last call to the house.  In July, Officer Dougherty spent 5 minutes on a report of illegal surveillance software on the business computers and the family's computers. 
Terance and Gerry (Officer Gerry Dougherty) knew each other in High School.   They talk for 2 hours (???) about how the family and the neighborhood fell apart after Terance saved his son's girlfriend from dying from alcohol poisoning at a neighbor's underage drinking party the year before... about difficulties parenting an 18 year old while his mother wants to be the child's friend... about finding out how he was working so hard to help launch his wife's business only to find she was preparing a divorce and causing his business to fail... about how he detected the surveillance software which was corrupting his computers and causing the business to fail and had the proof of it... about how he sort of expected the police might arrive because the message on the computer in the other room could be misinterpreted and likely reveal the person responsible for the illegal surveillance software installation. (But, I never did tell him the computer had no networking card (wired or wireless) and had no modem, and had no way for them to see what was on the computer.  There is no possible way that anyone knew what was on that computer screen.  Yet here was Gerry at my door  ON-DUTY and nothing on his mind but chatting.... and, OH YEA, almost forgot, he was there to take me away no matter what..

Officer Gerry Dougherty made some errors that day.  You see he knew what I was saying about the surveillance was true.  He knew who was doing it.  That was why he came over to the house.  (DUH!)  The police have a color screenshot that he would display to my brother that afternoon to show him that Terance must be crazy??????
Terance is taken away, interviewed by a psychiatrist and promptly locked up.  Seems she thought the subject was disconnected completely from the reason he was being interviewed.   I'd only find out hours later when a nurse in the ward who had to excuse herself before our conversation was completed asked, "But why would you want to blow up the mall?".  WHAT WHAT WHAT????  Luckily I was released after 2 days. Sorry, No Explanation. No Police Report.  FUCKED OVER!!!
And your wife who had nothing to do with it was already at the police station trying to get the police report before you were told your fate and crumbled to the lobby floor (I can't even think of the words to describe the feeling of this moment.  And it still pains me to try.)